Purple Sea Moss - Wildcrafted

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Purple Sea Moss - Wildcrafted

Sea Moss is harvested from the Caribbean Sea off the coast of St Lucia.

Sea moss contains 92 of the 102 vitamins and minerals our bodies need daily.

Bag includes 112 Grams.


Josh Said: "Love, love this purple sea moss! Since using I have much better energy, mood, more regular bathroom visits and I recover better from workouts. This is now a permanent staple in my diet."

Michelle Said: "This was my 1st time making sea moss gel myself and it was a great experience. At first it seemed like there wasn’t much in the package, but turns out it was plenty! There’s a very noticeable ocean smell at 1st, but it dissipates during the process."

Cara Said: "I've been making my own Irish Sea Moss gel for a bit now. I like this moss. It hydrated well and was smooth in the blender. The different colors give it different nutritional value, so I change it up. This moss seems freshly dried and is NOT fishy at all. It's definitely the boost I need."

Mandy Said: "The flavor is fantastic. The purple sea moss was very easy to clean and blend into gel after soaking for a few hours. I very much plan to purchase again!"

Ateika Said: "This is definitely pure sea moss. It’s incredible it’s been making me feel so healthy and improve my sleep as well as help with bloating. One thing to note: the boiling instructions on the back are incorrect you will definitely need more water or it will be very thick almost like jello"

Chris Said: "This is the Real Deal. Not the pool raised and harvested junk that many others are playing off as real. I will be buying this again as it is great quality"